Drop shadow treatment

I am waiting for the day when I will wake up and be like “oh my, not that drop shadow treatment AGAIN” yet I never tire of the gray on white on black drop down as found on Kyan’s website. The clean drop down works on any chunked font whether serif, slab or sans. I am also not getting over my obsession with text shadows such as the ones found on the dribbble screen shot – to build a website…

Typography heaven

I love the typography found at http://www.charlestonly.com. Look how the designer placed the letters of Charleston on the left column. Very fun. Highly effective sweep. The treatment is classic yet very much in style. The typeface feels historic, elegant, yet fun, musical, approachable and lively. Major win.

Kuhl screen

Here is a bit I pulled off dribbble. I am rather fond of the background of the slideshow. It’s subtle yet perfectly captures the mission of the client. I see how much thought and attention went into making this purposeful, and I must remind myself to slow down and ramp up the meaning in all that I do. Design is about conveying a message not throwing around paint.

Takeaway: Take the time to think thoroughly

That is 7 T’s in a row!